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The Safari Park “Planète Sauvage

It is the largest safari in France, 1h20 from the campsite La Vertonne.

An original journey through continents and animal species.

The safari trail
With your car or by bus or 4×4 raid, go on safari in the savannah and discover rhinoceros, ostriches, oryx, giraffes, impala, cheetah, tiger, lion, black bear, zebras, African elephants, yaks, artic wolves… on 10km of tracks you will discover 11000 animals around you.

The path of the bush
Discovering meerkats, cranes, ibises… through a footbridge

The marine city
A unique aquatic space for an educational presentation of dolphins

The Inca Trail
Observation lookout and lake walk of the Latin American lands. The small monkeys of South America will evolve in freedom around you!

The temple of the jungle
A suspension bridge will allow you to discover dhole, otter, pelican, deer…

You can also become a ” caretaker for a day ” by helping to prepare and distribute the animals’ meals: an unforgettable day of discovery in contact with the wildlife.

The Safari Park “Planète Sauvage” will open its doors on March 5th 2022.

Wild Planet

“La Chevalerie” – 44710 Port-Saint-Père

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