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The Vendée islands from the campsite

The island of Yeu

To discover absolutely from the departure of the camp-site the Vertonne, the marvelous island of Yeu.

With a surface area of 23km², this island offers two literally opposite facades.

Arriving by boat, you will disembark at Port Joinville. Its quay and pedestrian streets are ideal for shopping or if you prefer, discover the Vendée specialties in the small bars and restaurants located on the quay.

You will find many bike rental companies to explore the island!
From there, you can discover the east coast and its long sandy beaches typical of a part of the Vendée coastline. (Ker Châlon, les Sapins, la Grande Conche…) At the end, a short stop at the Corbeaux lighthouse.

On the other side, a rocky and wild coast evoking Brittany with its small creeks, its cliffs cut out.

On this facade, you will find many goals for walks and discoveries:

  • The Port de la Meule embedded in 2 cliffs. Charming stop with its small restaurants. Nearby you can enjoy scuba diving.
  • The amazing Old Castle on its rocky promontory. Possible visit of the site. Next to it, the Sabias beach and its small protected beach with a breathtaking view on the fortress!

Discover also the charming villages that you will cross all along your walk!

To reach Yeu Island, you can leave from Saint Gilles Croix de Vie or Fromentine (more crossings possible) by the company Compagnie Vendéenne. Ask at the reception of our campsite.

Ile d'Yeu le vieux chateau
Yeu Island
island of Noirmoutier -
island of Noirmoutier - le bois de la chaize

The island of Noirmoutier

The other Vendée island to visit during your vacation is Noirmoutier.

This time you can get there by car, by the bridge or when the tide allows it by the famous “passage du Gois”.

Many wonders await you on this island:

  • The historical heart is in Noirmoutier-en-l’île, you will find shops, restaurants… you will be able to visit the Castle-Museum, discover the district of Banzeau (one of the oldest districts of the island)…
  • The Bois de la Chaise : a unique place for walking with its forests of oak, arbutus and maritime pine. Known for its “plage des Dames” and its famous beach cabins, you will find the atmosphere so much praised by Auguste Renoir.
    In summer, you can go to the Bois de la Chaise regatta with its beautiful rigs.
  • The village of Le Vieil: a charming village with postcard-perfect streets
  • The marina and fishing port of Herbaudière at the extreme northern tip of the island. It is always pleasant to stroll along its quays.
  • The Gois: a 4.2 km submersible road – an exceptional crossing with its refuge markers for the most daring.
  • The salt marshes: to discover absolutely. Unique preserved landscapes. Take advantage of this opportunity to bring back the fleur de sel or take a guided tour with the salt workers who are still active!
  • The fine sandy beaches are ideal for sunbathing and swimming in complete safety.

Photo gallery of the Vendée islands

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