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100% adrenaline experience

For you, vacations in Vendée rhyme with “strong sensations”, discover our program of activities 100% adrenaline.

You are rather extreme sports?

The area is made for you, it is the high place of surfing and kite that you will discover on the magnificent beach of Veillon near the campsite. Put on your swimsuit or your best wetsuit and have a blast on the rollers: somersaults, flips – it’s up to you to show what you can do on this dream spot.

For a safer adrenaline rush: opt for the amusement parks close to the campsite.

You can have strong sensations, but within reason! If you go down the big sensational slides ofO’Gliss Park, you must have a good heart!

At O’Fun Park also great thrills are waiting for you: paintball duel or great descents in zip lines, the choice is yours!

Finally, if strong emotions provoke an adrenaline discharge in you?

Then without question, go to Puy du Fou . This world-renowned park in the Vendée region is bound to make you fall in love with it and bring up emotions that are sometimes buried in these often complicated times.

It is an invitation to true deep and human values that this park offers.

It is not said that the various shows do not pull you a small tear…

This cocktail of strong emotions should overcome the toughest… ?

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